Paul mccartney dating nancy

He also wrote "Golden Slumbers" at his father's house in Heswall, and said the lyrics were taken from Ruth Mc Cartney's sheet-music copy of Thomas Dekker's lullaby—also called "Golden Slumbers"—that Ruth had left on the piano at Rembrandt.

In 1974, Paul recorded a song his father had previously written, entitled "Walking in the Park with Eloise", which was released by Wings under the pseudonym, "The Country Hams".

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On 25 December 1967 they announced their engagement, but they separated in early 1968.

became interested in music, Jim connected the radio in the living room to extension cords connected to two pairs of Bakelite headphones so that they could listen to Radio Luxembourg at night when they were in bed.

Jim was later present at a Beatles' concert in Manchester; during this concert, fans surrounded drummer Pete Best and ignored the rest of the Beatles. Bill Harry recalled that Jim was probably "the Beatles' biggest fan", and was extremely proud of Paul's success.

In November 2007, Mc Cartney started dating Nancy Shevell, who was a member of the board of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and is vice president of a family owned New England Motor Freight.

It was announced on that the two had become engaged, and they married in London on 9 October 2011.

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