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Because the incorporation of new members into your church does not happen automatically, you have to develop a system and structure to assimilate and Because your congregation has a unique history, culture, and growth rate, these questions are important. Before people commit to joining your church, they want to know the answers to five unspoken questions: This is the question of within your church so that people with similar ages, interests, problems, or backgrounds can find and relate to each other.

Some churches have a membership class, but they cover the wrong material in it.Your membership class should answer the following questions: .The way you motivate people to make that commitment is to show them, value-for-value, the benefits they will gain in return.They fill the class with material on spiritual growth or basic doctrine.These subjects are vitally important, but they are more appropriately covered in classes that are separate from your membership class (which is why we offer Classes 201 through 401).

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