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Maureen, 55, a teacher, is circulating again following a divorce a few years ago.After a short romance, the two decided their relationship works best as a friendship and they’ve become each other’s confidantes and cheerleaders as they navigate single life as fifty-somethings.They didn’t have a large pool of single friends and they were looking for a place to do something different that was safe and fun.Now with online dating, I think, maybe you will make a new friend.Over dinner, when you spend an hour, you have time to get to know them a little. I like to go out for a glass of wine and I like the evenings — the lighting is better (Laughs).Maureen: I start by texting through the app, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time texting and talking on the phone. I don’t call them first dates, I call them interviews.I argued that side of it in the dating industry; you get what you pay for. You’ll see people with the same profile on a couple of them.

I’m here because I’m looking for someone who, like me, deserves to have someone great in their life.

As part of our “Dating After 50” series, the friends sat down with Next Avenue contributor Kevyn Burger for a frank conversation about midlife dating.

Highlights: Maureen: I remember when online dating started; there was a stigma associated with it. The more people you have exposure to, the more luck you can have.

I’ve had women of quality reach out to me on all of the sites.

Maureen: You know what you want when you’re a little older. I see people online who say they want companionship.

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