Online dating site com no credict card neede

Here are five common misconceptions about needing a credit card.

Actually, you can also build credit by paying your bills on time.

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Sure, it may be easier to do with a credit card, but you should be very careful when signing up and using credit cards.

In fact, carrying a balance on a credit card can actually negatively affect your credit score, especially if your debt-to-income ratio is high.

You may think that having a credit card is a necessary part of maintaining financial health.For example, you can build enough credit to qualify for a home loan by paying your rent and other utility bills on time for several years.Alternately, you can destroy your credit when you do not pay your bills on time.Another important point to consider is that credit cards can be useful tools when used properly (paid in full every month), but they can be a bigger liability than an asset if you do not manage them carefully.If you find yourself struggling with credit card usage and credit card debt, you may want to choose to close your credit cards and move to a cash-only system until you pay down your debt.

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