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Previously Victorian locomotives were detached at the state borders, and replaced by locomotives from the next state.

New locomotive were also introduced, with the G and N classes enabling the retirement of many of the 1st generation diesels.

V/Line Freight was sold to Freight Victoria in 1999, followed by National Express taking over Bayside Trains and V/Line Passenger in 2000, with Connex Melbourne taking over Hillside Trains.

Victorian Premier Steve Bracks negotiated a premature end to the "under-rail" Victorian country Broad Gauge network lease just minutes before the caretaker mode began before the state election of November 2006. In May 2008 Premier John Brumby arranged a 45-year lease to the Australian Rail Track Corporation of the single track Seymour-Albury section.

On 20 July 1976 the Laverton derailment occurred, killing one passenger, in what was the last railway passenger fatality not involving a road vehicle.

The new lengthy parallel lines were considered to be cheaper to operate than the numerous short spurs such as those in the Goulburn Valley.

By 1930 the railway map of Victoria was largely complete, with the best land settled and the remaining land marginal for agriculture, with a number of lines built across the state border into the Riverina of NSW.

at a time when the railways were struggling with the needs of the war effort.

In 1943 the Victorian Railways employed 25,450, had 577 steam locos and 12 electric locos on register along with 19,823 goods wagons and 1,499 passenger cars, running along 4,758 miles (7,657 km) of lines.

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