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You might also catch her gushing about music across triple j, Unearthed and Double J.

To make matters worse, I also discovered that I drunk emailed my ex and had to answer to him.

(I'm boring.)However, I'm all about being sex positive and having safe, consensual sex whenever you feel like it. Because sometimes, you just need to satiate that sexual appetite, you know? "Let your gut tell you who to swipe on," Dating and relationship coach Fran Greene, LCSW, told Elite Daily.

Anyway, I know how to use your dating app to find a date, but it's a whole other strategy when you're using it to find a hookup... I've never had a one-night stand — another groovy thing to tell people. Wanting and pursuing sex is totally normal and should be done without shame, and enjoying pleasure or having multiple sexual partners doesn't make you a sl*t. Let's drop that preconceived notion ASAP and, instead, provide a handy guide on how to use the resources available to you to look for a quick hookup.

68 percent of millennials and Gen-Xs have had a one-night stand that they regret, according to a survey of 1,000 people by the safe-sex smartphone app YES to SEX.

The key is not to beat yourself up too much over it, because it really does happen to the best of us.

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