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A BIZARRE social media account has been created to collect sexy snaps of female Israeli soldiers.

Hot Israeli Army Girls has more than 34,500 followers on Instagram, who it encourages to send in pics of beautiful female troops.

In the Warsaw ghetto, in the partisan units fighting the Nazis, and in the pre-State underground freedom fighting militia’s, women were active members. The bottom line is that in the Israeli Defense Forces, each soldier, male or female, will be assigned to the task where their contribution will be the greatest.Women may be exempted if they are married, pregnant, or are mothers.A woman may also chose not to serve if she feels it conflicts with her religious observance.Military service is compulsory for all Jewish Israeli citizens who are physically and mentally fit.All are required to do their national service at the age of 18 – including girls, who must serve a minimum of two years in the armed forces.

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