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Known as (Quran 3) Christianity has digressed from the concept of the Oneness of God, however, into a vague and mysterious doctrine that was formulated during the fourth century.

This doctrine, which continues to be a source of controversy both within and outside the Christian religion, is known as the Doctrine of the Trinity.

Fourteen centuries have passed and this book has not been changed since, not one letter has been altered.

A quick examination of the issues judged as unjust to women will certainly correct the misunderstanding. Man as the head of the household: Some people believe that a woman in Islam is regarded as inferior to man since the Quran says (what means): "Men have one degree above women." [Quran 2: 228] In fact, to understand this verse, you should see another one, related to the issue in question. In the Quran it also says (what means): "Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because has given the one more than the other and because men support them from their means." [Quran ] This verse implies that it is a man's duty to support his wife, and not the reverse, but this, in no way, makes him superior to her.

The main reason for this is that people often fail to distinguish between culture and religion -- two things that are completely different.

In fact, Islam condemns oppression of any kind whether it is towards a woman or humankind in general.

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