Most intimidating movie lines

Raylan isn't the kind of person who is keen on talking things through.After several run-ins with the villainous Wynn Duffy, Raylan makes a pointed threat that he doesn't want to cross paths with him again.Raylan lives a dangerous life and finds himself in plenty of dangerous situations.He seems to have gotten used to these kinds of scenarios as he treats them like they are no big deal at all.remains one of the most thrilling and entertaining series in recent memory, and a lot of that is due to its iconic hero, Raylan Givens.

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Raylan is a confident man and that confidence seems to come from the fact that he has never faced down with someone that he couldn't out-draw.

The title of the show refers to the fine line Raylan walks between being Justified in his questionable actions and just being an outlaw with a gun. One of his most shocking shootings is when facing down with two thugs.

Raylan gives one of the men a warning, " Though Raylan comes up against a number of formidable villains throughout the series, he also runs into a lot of really dumb criminals.

But in a shocking moment, Quarles has his arm chopped clean off and that's the end of him.

As he details the bizarre story to his ex-wife Winona, Raylan includes the amusing and inappropriate jokes about the situation.

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