Mobile dating with nude photos

A new British study shows that a majority of people purposely keep reminders of their exes around. Well, women tend to do it for more sentimental reasons, with 61% claiming they do so to hold on to memories they don't want to forget, whereas only 56% of men said the same.I like seeing old photos of my college boyfriend occasionally.

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teens or 18 ) that falls into your selected criteria can see your profile.

The dating app, which is free to download, is really easy to use and there is very little effort required to set up your profile.

Users simply swipe through images to view potential matches, and in one click they can indicate anonymously whether they are interested in another user or not. The app uses information which is public from your Facebook profile to create your Tinder profile.

It is a good idea to limit the amount of information you share on your profile or in one-on-one chats to ensure you avoid any potential risks.

Unlike some Facebook apps, you’ll see when signing up, Tinder does not post to Facebook.

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