Matt grant dating again

In the beginning of the series, Matt is a junior in high school.

In an early season, Annie learned of an illegitimate daughter her father had with his high school girlfriend.

She hopes Ruthie will take the time to travel first. Her mother, Jenny, dies early in the first season from cancer, a death that strikes Annie hard.

Harder yet is her father's quick bounce to a relationship with Ginger.

Simon Camden (played by David Gallagher) (born 1986) is the fourth child and second son.

In the early part of the series, he is known to his siblings as "The Bank of Simon" because he always seems to have money, and he loves to make money.

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    Distraught, Bailey Rae returned to university, where she was undertaking an English degree and took employment as a cloakroom attendant in a Leeds jazz club. In quieter moments, she was given the chance to sing, and soon found herself developing an affinity for soul and jazz music – all the more so after beginning a relationship with saxophonist Jason Rae, in whose vast record collection Corinne immersed herself.