Matt dallas dating jamie alexander

Even though that there were women that wanted to be with him and were with him he always wanted to have not Matt Dallas girlfriend, but boyfriend or just partner in life.

He has decided to come out and has revealed about his sexual orientation that he is gay and not only that there is no Matt Dallas girlfriend, he is engaged to his boyfriend and they seem to be happy together.

Jaimie Alexander also talked about the challenges of this season for her.

So it looks like even though there are girls who would like to become known as Matt Dallas girlfriend this would not be possible anymore because he is taken and by a man.And if that’s not exciting enough, I not only got a sneak peek at the first episode, “It Happened One Night,” but I also got to talk to Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander back at Comic Con last summer about what was coming up on Kyle XY this season.Matt Dallas actually let slip out a piece of information that you might be interested to find out. First, let’s talk about the new episode, “It Happened One Night.” If you remember, we last left the gang after prom with Kyle looking for Amanda who mysteriously disappeared. When the show returns tonight, we find Kyle standing on the street after prom looking for Amanda.The actor has stated that getting together with Blue is the best way to start the New Year and that they are going to be happy together.It looks like the post that he has made was together with some pictures of them.

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