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This allows incremental creation of large splayed (or partitioned) tables by upserting chunks that comfortably fit into memory. , which like all q-sql templates, has required and optional elements.The template elements contain phrases that are expressions (presumably) involving column values of a specified table.For this and other reasons, q)t:([] name:`Dent`Beeblebrox`Prefect; iq:42 98 126) q)`t upsert (`name`iq)!

But appearances can be deceiving: there are some significant differences in the syntax and behavior.

The template is converted by the interpreter into a functional form and is applied against the table to produce a result table.

While the syntax and behavior of or columns of another table accessed via foreign key.

In particular, an atomic field in the inserted record results in a simple column with its type. to append data to a keyed table, but this probably does not have the desired semantics.

When inserting data into a table that has foreign key(s), the values destined for the foreign key column(s) are checked to ensure that they appear in the primary key column(s) pointed to by the foreign key(s). Specifically, you can insert into a keyed table only if the key value is not already in the table.

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