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There was none on top so I opened the drawer and this is where my story starts. » Read more On a night after a lot of making out in front of her house, we decided to head up the hill to a more private and secluded area.

We had been getting close to going all of the way for the past couple of weeks.

From that point on I jacked off as often as I could (which was often as I was always horny and hard) I hung around with guys who were one to three year...

» Read more I was staying at my friend's place in Spain where he and his wife had moved to.

All four of us kids missed our left behind friends, but, the new friends we made became very close over the years.

Larry lived 'next door' about a half mile away and was a tall, lanky, hard working farm boy. » Read more This story happened when I was in the UN service in Somalia on leave to Thailand and from there Tokio Japan with some japanese friends from the service in Somalia.

We live near campus, and I share a room with my now friend, Noah.

He's tall and skinny, with shaggy hair and pale skin.

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