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And usually, she’s decided to do so beforehand and is only deciding So now, you are probably wondering, “Where are some actually good places to meet women besides bars?

”Let me tell you…The best way to meet women is to make your dating life an extension of your social life.

These are the worst places to meet women for most guys.

It can be done but it’s very hard and requires a lot of experience.

You can look up this number for free online for any city or area, but it factors in every girl living there including age groups you don’t want like below 18 or above 60.

It also factors in girls with cultures, preferences, or ethnic backgrounds you’re not interested in.

That’s because it’s primal and it addresses women’s biggest unconscious fears of rape or safety.

Smaller cities are made up of the business that attracts people there.

For example, a city might only have 50-year-old men who work in banking or oil and 40-year-old middle-aged girls who are nurses because that’s the only businesses out there.

You’re essentially going after girls who are into stuff you don’t offer. To use a business analogy, this is just marketing 101. If you’re new to dating, you may not know everything just yet.

Find out where specifically where your ideal prospects hang out and go there. You still need to experience dating different women to figure out what you like. Now, use these to list out at least five top places women hang out.

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