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takes off with “Above You, Around You”, its fourth track. Minimal piano refrains, distantly chiming guitars, heartbeat percussion, string swells and a plaintive, multi-tracked voice have summoned a subdued yet intense mood.

Then, the curtain is drawn and an ascending musical drama spills from the speakers.

Having attempted to put my findings into lyrical expression over 2 @dukespirit albums, today I write lyrics for 2nd solo album, unable to stop contemplating AWARENESS.

@rustyrockets a solid resource these days 👍…

I was thinking about equality and moments where that’s not achieved!

I then went into nonsense words, just sounds and utterances which I deciphered later as the bit about mountains and shoes.

The opening line, musically and vocally, was the earliest bit we just couldn't let go of, we thought it had a good haunting (but raw) realness.

'I had the music playing over and over in our studio and I was in there to kind of ‘write’ this song.

Instead, a diffuse instrumental backdrop unites guitars, percussion, strings and the rest as colour behind Moss’s voice – akin to the aural shape-shifting employed by second and third album sigur rós.

Her careful intonation could pass for that of a Nordic native.

I suddenly realised I wasn't really paying attention to what I was supposed to do because I was daydreaming about the way my step-mum used to circle her fingers around in her lap when she was thinking.

I was also doing this, and it struck me that the memory of her and other people in our lives, leave imprints and the echoes of their idiosyncrasies and little ways of being are always hanging around, sometimes framed by the rooms they once stood in.

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