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I told her that hip hop was not my thing, and that if she was trying to get out of her comfort zone she should come take my sexy Pussy Cat Dolls class.She jokingly suggested that I come take hip hop with her, and in return she would come to my PCD class, and I agreed.She started coming to my classes and making me nervous while I taught.We chatted a couple times and she told me she loved taking hip hop, but was trying to get out of her comfort zone by taking ballet, contemporary, and other styles.

Right before we met, she had returned from a three month solo backpacking trip through South America where she’d done a lot of personal growth.

Finally I decided I would do it, and the day before the show I texted Steph to arrange the details.

We somehow ended up spending the whole day chatting and getting to know one other.

I was going out to gay clubs with my friends hoping to meet a girl, but failing desperately every time.

I was ready to invite someone into my life, and I knew that I wanted a serious relationship.

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