Leo woman dating aquarius man

I think I just shouldn't be dating him I'm and Aquarius guy, and me and my Leo girlfriend broke up at thebeginning of summer, because she felt that I didn't appreciate her enough, andthought I didn't really like her.

She didn't tell me this when we broke up, Ifigured this out on my own, and In the middle of summer, I decided to talk toher and I explained to her that I didn't realize I made her feel this way untilafter we broke up.

I was fuming, assuming that he was cheating on me with our friend.

I left his apartment, thinking It would be smarter for me to be able to calm down before I confronted him.

He lied and lied and said nothing was going on, but despite his attempts at trying to convince me nothing was happening, we broke up.

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Everything was great, our relationship was moving along like normal and our professional lives were blooming In our new city.

Leo women needadmiration/confirmation/compliments but Aquarius men are too distant and aloofto offer any of these things.

Aries men are the best match for the Leo woman;they will satisfy all of your needs (also speaking from experience).

They are not known for being faithful toyou or to anyone else; also, they are not honest either.

They believe that theworld revolves around them and that what they says, goes.

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