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Majors' co-starring role on Owen Marshall led him to a starring role as USAF Colonel Steve Austin, an ex-astronaut with bionic implants in The Six Million Dollar Man, a 1973 television movie broadcast on ABC.In 1974, the network decided to turn it into a weekly series.Majors transferred to Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky, in 1959.He played in his first football game the following year but suffered a severe back injury which left him paralyzed for two weeks and ended his college athletic career.He participated in track and football at Middlesboro High School.He graduated in 1957, and earned a scholarship to Indiana University, where he again competed in sports.After college, he received an offer to try out for the St. Instead, he moved to Los Angeles and found work at the Los Angeles Park and Recreation Department as the Recreation Director for North Hollywood Park.In LA, Majors met many actors and industry professionals, including Dick Clayton, who had been James Dean's agent, and Clayton suggested he attend his acting school.

After Majors did not report to work that June, studio executives ultimately relented.In 1977, with The Six Million Dollar Man still a hit series, Majors tried to renegotiate his contract with Universal Television.The studio in turn filed a lawsuit to force him to report to work due to stipulations within his existing contract that had not yet expired.The series became an international success, being screened in over 70 countries, turning Majors into a pop icon.Majors also made his directorial debut in 1975, on an episode called "One of Our Running Backs Is Missing" which co-starred professional football players such as Larry Csonka and Dick Butkus.

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