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Axel and Roxas didn't realize that they were the only one's left and it was starting to get colder. "I've been crying ever since I even started TALKING about my dad you idiot...." Roxas couldn't help but l The car ride was very quiet and the whole time, Roxas was blushing a bright pink. He waited for a couple minutes so his eyes could adjust.

i didnt mean to make you wait in the cold for so long! he was wearing a black t-shirt with a wierd neon green design on it and light blue jeans that had holes where his knees are, frayed, and torn on the bottom. When they got to the park, they both noticed a VERY hyper Demyx running around and a VERY mad Zexion chasing him. i NEVER thought i would EVER see Demyx with a book in his hand! Zexions ganna kil "Questions" after awhile of everyone talking and messing around, they started leaving. ..sorry roxas." he had just realized that Roxas was crying for who knows how long. When Axel got out of the car, he noticed that Roxas wasn’t there. He looked around to figure out where he was, and of course it was too dark to see.

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When they went in, the waiter sat the two down, gave them their menu’s, & walked away.

If I do, I may take down all previous chapters and either keep the story concept and change the characters, or I may just keep the original title and completely change the story. you were NEVER there for me when i needed you the most... not the typical happy that comes naturally to people, i mean the VERY happy that tends to scare people. It's way too hard." I stared at him, "'re not as naive as I thought." "I wouldn't say that... I'm afraid to ask him, now..if he starts crying? I wish I would know what his reaction would be..." Riku came back from across the street with three tubs of ice creams and Warning: (boyxboy) Disclaimer: I only own this fic! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "WHAT!?! " Axel yelled staring at his dad from acrosst the room, "Were getting a pet? He thought as he stripped down to his boxers and grabbed his clothes as he ran into his bathroom that was atached to hi Hey everyone, been writing a LOT more than I have been on here lol whenever I can I'll be adding my stuff on here lol but if you all want to get ahold of me just add my facebook Razzles I know! busy as hell and its really annoying but i have been writing TONS of stories!

Let me know what you guys think I should do, it's definately a difficult decision for me at the moment Okay everyone! I need a new avatar cuz the old one got really old so I want a new one but obviously I'm too dumb and can never get the right size -_- so if anyone wants to help, can you try to make meh an emo avatar? I'll use all who submit (like, if I get 5 different avatars, I'll use them all at some point in time! *fyou've always lied ever since i was 13, saying "you're so fucking worthless" well guess what? i've always wanted to tell you this, but i've never had the guts to say it, but now i think i do ....i... It was around three in the morning when Roxas barely opened his eyes. Roxas gave Axel an apologetic look and then they walked towards the front door. :meow: so as soon as I edit them and make sure they're corrected to my liking i will be posting many stories up. so hopefully you all are still here for me lol love you all!

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