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The following year, the company formed a charter subsidiary named Kenya Flamingo Airlines, which leased aircraft from the parent airline in order to operate international passenger and cargo services.

the airline had 2,100 employees and a fleet of three Boeing 707-320Bs, one Boeing 720B, one DC-9-30 and three Fokker F-27-200s.

The document stressed the government opinion that the airline would be better off privately owned, thus resulting in the first privatisation attempt.

The government named Philip Ndegwa as Chairman of the Board in 1991, with specific orders to make the airline a privately owned company.

Gold Elite and Platinum Elite members of the Flying Blue programme are offered the JV Lounge.

Different in-flight entertainment is available depending upon the aircraft and the class travelled.

In 1992, the Public Enterprise Reform paper was published, giving Kenya Airways priority among national companies in Kenya to be privatised.

A large aviation industry partner was sought to acquire 40% of the shares, with another 40% reserved for private investors and the government keeping the remaining stake.

The largest shareholder is the Government of Kenya (48.9%), 38.1% is owned by KQ Lenders Company 2017 Ltd.The airline's employees, through a shareholding scheme, and others own the remaining 5.2%.The Government of Kenya issued a guarantee for a further US5 million debt owed to Import-Export Bank of the United States, financier of the newer Boeing planes of its fleet.The government would absorb almost KLM was awarded the privatisation of the company, which restructured its debts and made a master corporation agreement with KLM, which bought 26% of the shares, becoming the largest single shareholder since then.two Boeing 737-200 Advanced and four Boeing 737-300s.

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