Kate beaton scott campbell dating

Scott got his training from the great Picture Machine that also happens to be one of the oldest and also most famous tattoo studios not only in California but the entire US.

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He has been in the game for only a decade but he is now one of the most recognizable artists, and he has achieved almost anything that one would ever wish for in this sector.He has traveled around the globe from Europe to Asia and the America inking people for cash and meeting other artists to learn more about their work and to get inspiration.However, just like anybody else, his story starts somewhere and although it is not the rags to riches cliché that most celebrities like to put forward it is still interesting.A brief look at his career and some of his work should show why he is so famous.Scott Campbell was born and raised in Louisiana, but he is now known globally for his tattoos and other works of art that he has created in the recent years.

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