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I said I wasn’t nude, I had underwear on, and I was only topless. The girl in the video looked as if what she was doing with her fingers hurt her.

She was moaning and whimpering and making really funny faces.

I mentioned what had happened to him and he laughed at me, saying haha… I started poking around on a search engine at naughty videos and pics one day when I found this video of a girl, she looked like a teenager, very pretty and I remembered the name of the video was blonde masturbates.

you got peeped and now your nudie pics will be on the internet. I didn’t even know what masturbates was or meant till I watched the video.

I recall lying there on my bed, fan blowing on me while reading a book.

I’d roll back and forth every few minutes between my back and stomach to keep cool.

My name’s Martha and this is my story of how I went from an innocent little girl curious about sex to a “forced” prostitute. I kept to myself a lot and spent most of my time in my room on my computer or reading.

Dressed kind of girly, I was small framed and short (only 5’ now at 17), I had shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and wore glasses to read.

I had all my windows open trying to get some air in there.

That night, after going to bed, I laid there thinking about that video (as well as many others) and I slid my hand down my pants to give it a whirl.

I’ve touched my stuff many times before, showering and all, but never for a purpose like that.

It was fun though and I began doing it almost nightly.

A few months down the road I had begun talking with a few boys I met online in chat rooms and things really picked up.

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