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Rumors that Nick Jonas and Camila Cabello are more than just friends have been floating around for over a year, but this interaction between the two singers during Sunday night's Grammys red carpet has inspired fans all over again to start shipping the musical duo, real relationship or not.

However, Cabello says they haven't seen each other since, hence their excited embrace.

"I mean, I will say, I did get that text from Sophie being like, 'So tell me about Joe,'" Steinfeld revealed during a January 2018 sit-down with Nova 96.9's Smallzy.

(Perhaps there were some concerns about that 27-second breakup phone call with Swift or his kinda crude decision to spill that he'd lost his much-hyped virginity to Greene.) Summed up Steinfeld, "I was like, 'Go for it.'" So, she went.

"You bring them around friends and see if they can handle themselves well—that's usually a good test.", "I'm dating, but nothing serious.

"You realize that you're not going to see each other all the time.

And you don't feel like a jerk when you're like, 'My publicist says I can't do this...'"As for Sophie, she had the requisite easy-going nature Joe was after ("I would say she's gotta have a sense of humor and find my weird sense of humor funny," he told of his ideal gal) and the ability to pass his patented girlfriend barometer.

The singer-actor's romance with the former Miss World champ turned international actress and philanthropist certainly captivates, even earning the freshly minted bride, 36, and groom their own cover.

And the 26-year-old's decision to gift his wife of a handful of months with a 9,000 Mercedes Maybach just 'cause places them squarely in the oh-so-desirable "goals" category.

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