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Jennifer Love Hewitt once planked for five minutes. I figured we'd discuss Hewitt’s return to television on Ryan Murphy’s , the show that launched Hewitt’s career and introduced fans to the cathartic power of Bo Deans' “Closer to Free.”Instead, by , we’re jogging the width of the gym, back and forth, back and forth, as part of an exhaustive warm-up that includes lunges, squats, more squats, squats, and three minutes on the Mount Everest of "total body cardio equipment" called the Versa Climber. I keep forgetting to keep my gloves up and tripping over the footwork, while Hewitt moves with skill and determination, jabbing and ducking like Dolph Lundgren.She tells me this while holding the position for three minutes. She breaks form only briefly, once to hop around to Cardi B’s “I Do,” and once to laugh at an inside joke with Leyon, who's become a loyal friend.Given her lingering grief, Hewitt meant to retreat from the spotlight after the cancellation of , which overlapped with her second pregnancy, and after that, she decided to finally pump the breaks.“I was looking in the mirror, talking with myself, going, ‘Hey, we started something, remember? So let’s do that.'”Around the same time—perhaps because she’d lost her mom, perhaps because she’d become a mom herself, perhaps because she finally had time off from her steady, decade-long roll of TV gigs—she began grappling with what she refers to now as her “narrative.” Like any actress who’s been working for almost 30 years, Hewitt has one.Ask her about the CBS hit , which aired from 2005 to 2010 and starred Hewitt as a woman who can commune with earthbound spirits, and she'll tell you, “She wasn’t just a person with a gift. It was more that she truly felt for and cared about the people that she was helping.” On Lifetime's , the Fox procedural about first responders in Los Angeles, hews closely to the same pattern. People will see her composed on the phone, but fully dealing with the pain and anguish of the callers [once she hangs up].”Hewitt was cast on the show to fill a void left by beloved Connie Britton,” says showrunner Tim Minear, who created the series with Murphy and Brad Falchuk.Hewitt plays Maddie, an ER nurse who flees an abusive relationship and seeks the help of her younger brother, Buck, a reformed playboy firefighter who sets her up with a job as a 9-1-1 operator. “What you need is someone who is irreplaceable themselves.” Hewitt, he says, was it.“She’s sort of America’s TV sweetheart," says Minear. They feel like she’s already part of their family.”The series marks a comeback of sorts for Hewitt, not only because her 2.5 years out of the spotlight is “forever” in Hollywood, she says, but also because her break was intentional.

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(She never did one.)For the most part, Hewitt rolled with it.

But the real challenge comes next, in the ring, where we take turns going up against Leyon’s hand pads.

I’m not working out to look good on a magazine cover.

He’ll wear them on Halloween, which is also his dad’s birthday.

For Autumn, she’s bought a shiny, pastel mermaid costume and a jewelry box—her first—with unicorn-shaped mood rings already tucked inside.

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