Is jenny sanford still dating boardman

April 16, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): South Carolina’s previous first lady, Jenny Sanford, whose divorce became authorized just last month, is in a relationship with Georgia businessman, Clay Boardman.

This information was divulged by Sanford’s aide, Meg Milne, to ABC News.

She has divulged to the The Associated Press that they are progressing magnificently.

Sanford was pushed into the national limelight last year after her husband, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, confessed to an extramarital affair and expressed his never-ending love for his Argentine mistress, Maria Belen Chapur.

She went on to become one of her husband's most trusted political advisers.

"There's absolutely no way he would have ever won the congressional seat or been governor without her," Mark's former press secretary Will Forks told When friends have asked Jenny why, after her divorce, she didn’t begin using her maiden name, Sullivan, she’s told them that she wants to redeem the Sanford name for her sons; many suspect she intends to do this through holding elected office.

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The one that came just days later cinched a romance that righted wrongs flagrant enough to captivate a nation. They jumped in the car and headed south.“I didn’t even know how fast I was going, and Andy looks over and says, ‘You know you’re going 95, right? What I didn’t know — what I was finding out — is how deep her goodness runs.”On Dec. Sanford’s sons heckled her on their holiday drive home, Mr. Pleasant and her boys were visiting their father, now a South Carolina congressman.

The main reason she passed on running for Congress this time, according to friends, was that her two younger sons have not yet left for college.

Since the scandal, Jenny hasn't gone into hiding — instead, she posed for Vogue, wrote a memoir, appeared at a White House Correspondents' Association Dinner with plenty of PDA with her new boyfriend, and been an adviser to South Carolina Gov. She didn't divorce Mark when she discovered the affair — she divorced him after an embarrassing press conference that appeared to kill his career.

(She even let him visit his mistress with a chaperone!

) Mark asked Jenny for advice on what to say in that press conference — and she gave him sincere advice, instead of telling him to go stab himself in the eye.

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