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), but they've definitely got some great dating DOs and DON' Ts--and to get you psyched up for tonight, they've shared their expert advice right here with you Smitteners. __Emily Morse - Radio sexpert and author, San Francisco __DO trust your gut. Especially if you're still emotionally attached, hate your ex, or are even best friends with your ex. You're less likely to miss those massive warning signs (the complainer, the cheapskate, the victim, the job hater.) Plus, my mom always told me that the issue you have on the third date you'll have forever, so you better pay attention.We already have all the answers we need if we follow our instincts. Talking about your past relationships, how many people you've slept with or any other form of past relationship inventory is not useful information and can even be destructive. Watch how the person treats the wait staff and other people in the group.

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In each episode, viewers will watch these women juggle their work and personal lives as they maneuver through the dating world and discover whether or not they can practice what they preach.

Wherever I go, I hear women complaining that "New York/San Francisco/Los Angeles/Chicago/DC/[fill in your city here] is the hardest place to date." Dating can suck anywhere.

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Take personal inventory and learn your lessons, and apply it to your next relationship.

Amy Laurent - Pro matchmaker and author, New York__DO lose your "laundry list".

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