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In some ways, perhaps he is relevant as a symbol of idealism that has been lost, or a patriotic ideal that America is constantly striving to reach.

Either way, Uncle Sam and his message–that one person can make a difference to his or her countr–is as important now as it was in 1812.

The book, still featured in the elementary school curriculum, teaches patriotic spirit, symbols and heritage.

Though the modern attitude toward patriotism is definitely more cynical than it was in the early 20th century, Uncle Sam nonetheless remains a relevant symbol.

Men dressed in Uncle Sam costumes are still a feature of Fourth of July parades around the country.

The summer is almost over, and that means the Labor Day sales are nigh.

Each symbol personifies the government in a different way: the fatherly, sometimes overbearing Uncle Sam; the oppressive, snooping Big Brother of "1984" fame; and the spirited, industrious Yankee Doodle. S." for United States, which the soldiers joked meant "Uncle Sam" for the man who was supplying their food.

Why do people feel the need to personify government? There are several versions of the story of Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam became a symbol of how a lone patriot could help his country in a time of crisis.

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