Intentional dating relationship

Intentionality is defined as something that is “done by intention or design” ().So to be intentional in marriage is to design our marriage with purpose, to deliberately put an effort towards improving our marriage on a regular basis.Spiritual, physical and emotional agreement must move in tandem.Most dating people forget that someone’s spiritual inclination, which may be a little hard to detect, is key to a relationship.By working to take care of our home and prepare meals, I’m providing a sanctuary for our marriage to flourish.By choosing to live my life according to these three priorities, I find that I am also choosing to live a life that is focused on our marriage.

I’ll share some specifics on just how we do that in my next post titled, “.” We even chose to start our marriage with a founding principle from the Bible.

Voyage ATL is an amazing magazine that prides itself on presenting unpolished, authentic interviews of locals.

I’m super excited to have my story and work featured in Voyage!

It is just so easy to let the days go by and not make an effort in the relationship that probably impacts us the most in our life.

It is for this reason that I challenge myself to make a daily effort, sometimes an incredibly tiny effort and other times a little more pronounced, in my marriage.

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