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They are sociopaths incapable of feeling, true enough, but at least you get your biology satisfied.... So, the fact was that I tried out loads of dating websites last four years and OK Cupid was one of such, it's usability was ' A' okay (user friendly) but my complain is that based on it's history on the list of top dating site, OKCupid had the potential to be the best of the best, it's progressive progression is so slow to the point that it's less to be desired after using the platform for a long period of time.But on a scale of 1 - 10 I'll still rate OKCupid a hard 6.

They use bots letters and winks to make you pay, the key is nothing is real.Than they removed the possibility to see when someone was online.So you can be stuck in messaging someone, who wasn't there for years.And matches that were outside my checked age range.If I check my range as 30-50 I'm not expecting 26 year old dudes to pop up in my matches!

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