Ian somerhalder and nina dobrev dating november 2016

The surname "Somerhalder" originates from his adoptive great-grandfather.His biological great-grandfather, a wealthy English landowner, got one of his mistresses pregnant and paid an immigrant worker of his to marry this woman and give the baby a name, which was Somerhalder. Ian's mother, Edna (née Israel), worked as a massage therapist, and Ian's father, Robert Somerhalder, is a building contractor.

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There he has been working with Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Sara Canning, Kat Graham, Matt Davis and many others.They're able to finesse performances out of you that a lot directors can't get.I mean, there are some amazing storytelling being done on the small screen right now.That's what so cool about being in television right now. It really allows me to have a creative outlet and to actually be able to have an outlet to discuss openly the things that truly I think are relevant in the world, that make a difference. There are stakes, strife, struggles, all these things that make us fall for someone, love someone even more, leave someone.Studios, networks are starting to throw more resources, better writers, more production values... Oceans are one of the most important things in the world now and that is a national security threat of the United States of America, to be honest with you. This program teaches people that it only takes a single unlucky moment to lead to tragedy, if you come into contact with one really f***ed-up person, they can truly take your life away.

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