How to turn a no into a yes dating

Take these 6 key steps to doing things the right way and you will be sure to find and close new customers quickly and easily.

You already know your company is the best in the industry because your current customers are singing your praises, so there’s no need to be pushy.

Everybody has an idea about what works and what doesn’t, but one thing is certain — you CANNOT get an upper hand without the right tactics.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to figure out what that “right way” is.

” And they would say, “Yes.” In that one conversation, just by embracing the “no” and saying that’s okay, I was able to turn a “no” into a “yes.” And suddenly, my diary was filling up with “yes” after “yes.” I would call them back as arranged, and I would find out how they’d been, what was new with them.

And I traveled and lived before by myself, so I don't understand why.

Today, Jayne Leach talks about how network marketers can overcome one of their biggest fears – the word “no.” Research shows that we hear the word “no” many more times than we have ever heard the word “yes.” And so, you would think that we would be used to hearing the word “no.” But in reality, when we start out on our Network Marketing journey, our biggest fear and biggest obstacle to overcome is learning how to handle the word “no.” You might have all the energy and passion in the world, but if you hear the word “no” too often, that passion can begin to fizzle out, and questions and doubts start to take its place.

One of things that I had to understand was how to turn a “no” into a “yes” because it was the “yeses” that was going to allow the business to grow.

But now that I was focused on them and not me, I was ready to embrace the “nos.” And so, when somebody gave me a “no,” I would say, “Thanks for your honesty. However, I’m really passionate about what I’m doing, and while the time isn’t right for you, can we keep in touch?

Can I give you a call in a few weeks to tell you more about what I’m doing and find out how you are?

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