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It continues to use the two satellite links but a fiber optic cable replaced the old back-up cable.Commercial software is used for both chat and email: chat to coordinate operations, and email for actual messages. The first message transmitted over the hotline was on August 30, 1963.Specifically, they agreed to notify each other immediately in the event of an accidental, unauthorized or unexplained incident involving a nuclear weapon that could increase the risk of nuclear war.Two new satellite communication lines supplemented the terrestrial circuits using two U. Intelsat satellites, and two Soviet Molniya II satellites.Several people came up with the idea for a hotline.

Strangelove) with making governments more aware of the benefit of direct communication between the superpowers. Smith, as head of the State Department Policy Planning Staff, proposed direct communication links between Moscow and Washington. The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis made the hotline a priority.

This arrangement lasted from 1971 to 1978; it made the radio link via Tangier redundant.

In May 1983, President Reagan proposed to upgrade the hotline by the addition of high-speed facsimile capability.

Each country delivered keying tapes used to encode its messages via its embassy abroad.

An advantage of the one-time pad was that neither country had to reveal more sensitive encryption methods to the other.

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