Midnight is celebrated with Champagne, kransekage (an almond cake consisting of piled rings) and private displays of fireworks.

With few exceptions, all shops stay closed by law from 3pm on Nytårsaftensdag, the day of Nytårsaften.

It is also the date on which Danes celebrate that Sønderjylland in 1920 was reunited with the rest of Denmark after a referendum, thus held in high regard in that part of the country.

Next to Grundlovsdag, an equivalence to an actual national day, but is less widely known and celebrated today than before. The day is celebrated with a bonfire on the evening before (see Denmark section under Midsummer).11 November is a Catholic day.

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To him, I will never be more than the ‘excuse me’ he said as he grazed my shoulder on the staircase back in the day.

Some of these days derive from politics, and some from Roman Catholic traditions that predate the current national church.

Some are simply the Scandinavian tradition of starting the celebrations of a special day on the evening before the actual day. On the following day, Fastelavnsmandag, children go to school dressed up in costume and go door-to-door for candy and sweets.

With few exceptions, all shops stay closed by law on Juleaftensdag, the day of Juleaften.Many people attend political meetings in the morning arranged by the labour unions or the labour parties, afterwards demonstrations are held all over the country, going from the place of the meeting and joining each other along the way to a joint meeting place, often a park.The demonstrations can differ in size from a few hundred to ten-thousands depending on the city and organization. As the Christmas season is upon us, I am also approaching a year since my exit from the life of a single divorcee.The last year has not been without it's challenges as my wife and I, along with our kids, have mixed and continued adjusting to each [...]... Convenient, yet short lived relationships to get one by through the holidays without the total sting of being single.

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