Hindi dating connection

Bilingua is a language exchange app that goes beyond partnering you with a complementary native speaker.

It wants to ensure a fun, easy and educational interaction for its users.

Language exchange apps get you to both practice and sample the language, in a setting where it’s A-okay to bungle the words or use the wrong verb form.

Nobody’s grading you, and the person on the other end of the line knows exactly what you’re going through because they’re basically in the same boat.

One teaches the other, and learning is pretty much one way.

In a language exchange, two people teach and learn, in turn.

but in addition to using the apps below, learning with Fluent U can help you feel more confident and inspired in your language exchanges, as it gives you access to cultural references and helps you warm up your listening skills with native speaker audio.

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Are you an English speaker who wants to learn Korean (or Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, etc.)? There are thousands of native-speaking Koreans who really want to learn English!

It’s loaded with features that save users from the awkwardness of not being able to express themselves enough to be understood.

Consider the basic conundrum of language exchange: She wants to learn English, you want to learn Chinese.

You then reach out to your potential buddy via text chat or email and agree on a specific time to meet up on Skype.

You and your buddy can tailor your sessions however you want.

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