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I don’t think they were any more intelligent because they chose not to have sex -- nor that the two are causally related -- but I do think it’s valid to say that less frequent sex is more common in highly intelligent people.It’s extremely possible that the most intelligent people might find random acts of sex as boring..insignificant. I suppose if you’re dealing with devising new ways of generating electricity, such as Tesla, the idea of sex may seem pedestrian.As Friedman notes, people with “high executive functioning,” which relates to things like general judgement and impulse control, have what Friedman calls “slow life history strategy.”The “life history theory” refers to how people go about deciding things like how many offspring they want to have -- and also the timing in between potential offspring.While certain types of people seem to be naturally drawn to the idea of producing offspring and engaging in sexual encounters, others are more concerned with refining their own skills.In 2013, Parker and Stone established their own production studio, Important Studios.Parker has been the recipient of various awards over the course of his career, including five Primetime Emmy Awards for his work on South Park, as well as four Tony Awards and a Grammy Award for The Book of Mormon.For the most part, the list consisted of older people -- primarily people who lived in the 1800s and earlier -- however, that being said, the time period in which they lived was not the only similarity that I noticed between many of the people included.

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It's hard to academically define "Intelligence Quotient" and we're doing our best to give you an accurate assessment.It seems like this might be the tradeoff that intelligent people make when they decide to focus on specializing some aspect of their own being -- whether it’s inventing, like Tesla -- or mastering laws of physics like Sir Isaac Newton.Personally, I think that, at least in the past, famously intelligent people like Tesla, Newton and Cavendish were simply too preoccupied with other aspects of their life to be worried about sex.Then again, it’s also important to take into account how higher IQs are also strongly related to social anxiety.Although intelligent people may have no difficulty solving a “Good Will Hunting” sized math equation on a chalkboard, they also might be a little less comfortable in a bar with people around.

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    In the case of shellfish, for example, marine shells typically possess a δ13C value between -1 and 4 o/oo (per mille), whereas river shells possess a value of between -8 and -12 o/oo (per mille).

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