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Ask yourself, who is your community and how has God used them to guide you in life?There are family, friends, church buddies, mentors, coworkers, life group members, and many more people God has put right in front of you.They served the purpose of reminding team members with every sip of their eight-dollar latte of the most important mission of the day: “pray and get me a date.” I also distributed stickers and visors, and these trinkets were much loved by the team.The best thing I learned during this intentional process of engaging others was letting go of my small box of lists and requirements for a date.As we live authentically with others, we learn to trust and include them as we pursue our dreams and desires.4word: How can those already married still be an encourager and help to their single and dating friends?I didn’t have five of these a year, much less five a week! Their job was prayer and exposure: take me places, tell me of new or fun events to attend, or set me up on a date.

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I started a blog as a way of keeping them informed, without filling up their inboxes.

The team members who lived afar were amazing prayer warriors, and the locals got in on the interview action and outings. 4word: Anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Sharla: You can start a team like mine, or think of your own way to engage your community. If so, you could start a series of dinner parties for your friends to invite good conversationalists. Maybe there is a team of bikers out there waiting to be on your team to look for that special bike rider for you.

Sharla: My family, friends and faith community were the core of the crowd-sourced marriage process and outcome.

Once I recognized that God had given me a crowd who loved me the most and knew me the best, it was a simple decision to rely on them for one of the most important decisions in life.

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