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There's nothing going on in this scene—literally nothing—but people were riveted. According to reports, 3.9 million people tuned in to the spring 2008 premiere of and an additional 5 million watched the episode online.

Remember, this was before the era of streaming: You had to go home and catch a TV show when it aired.

She has blonded her hair and has blue colored eyes.

is currently airing, Stephanie Pratt isn't holding back about her cast mates, including her brother Spencer Pratt.

During their heyday on they frequently called the paparazzi, staged laughably cheesy photo shoots, and sold their images to the highest bidder.

So the fact that 3.9 million people carved out space each week to watch LC stare vacantly at her friends says a lot.

It speaks to how much this "reality" show captured the public's consciousness at one time.

Heidi Montag began her professional career as an assistant at Bolthouse Production.

After two years, she was promoted as an event planner.

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