Gta iv dating kate after she died

If you kill Dimitri, Pegorino will show up at your cousin's wedding and shoot Kate with an AK-47. Real Answer -You cant go out with her anymore cause I think Niko tells Kate on what happen(i didnt get to that part yet) so You can go out with her anymore and you made a wrong choice on making Roman die Why you made the wrong choice-Roman is your cousin and it hurts to see your cousin died and Kate is just a girlfriend you'll find… In every gta game you have to unlock them but in gta 4 you put cheats in.If you schoose to go along with the deal that Jimmy P and Dimitri set up, Kate will only leave you but your cousin will be killed. Gta 1 gta London 1969 gta London 1961 gta 2 gta 3 gta vice city gta san Andreas gta advance gta liberty city stories gta vice city stories gta 4 gta 4 the lost and damned gta Chinatown wars gta 4 the ballad of gay tony gta 4 the lost and damned and gta 4 the ballad of gay tony are both availabe in gta episodes from liberty city. The other gta games you can fly by completing the missions.She doesn't explicitly state the her father was a child molester but she does cry that she knew what he was doing to her brothers.One may deduce at first that she knew their father was beating the boys however once Packie reveals that their father molested both him and Gerry one can conclude she knew her father was molesting her brothers but kept quiet since her father did not molest her.I did the Revenge ending, which ended in the death of a certain person.

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You can choose to date several women in the game if you… Dont think nobody really knows the exact amount: GTA 4 (to date): 10 million GTA San Andreas: 12 million The full GTA series i have read they have sold over 66 million copies world wide (to date) no one can… Katie "Kate" Mc Reary (Irish: Cáit Nic Ruairi) is a 28 year old character in the HD Universe and one of the love interests of Grand Theft Auto IV protagonist Niko Bellic.She is the sister of Patrick, Francis, Gerald and Derrick Mc Reary, and the daughter and youngest child of Maureen and an unnamed father. At first, Packie tells Niko to stay away from her, but later encourages Niko to go out with Kate.Gboyers This didn't happen to me, but I heard about it happening to several other people.I have never heard about it happening in deal though.

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