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The couple is pictured here with Prince Charles at the De Young Museum in 2005.They separated in January of that year, citing the strain of having careers on opposite coasts, and were officially divorced in March 2006.It’s possible the gossip media has decided to create these fake dating rumors based on that chance run-in from a few months ago. Regardless of what inspired the narrative, there’s no truth to it.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale shared the news in a statement in late April 2019, which announced that the campaign is "assembling a world class team of talented individuals to help re-elect Trump."“These exceptional additions to the re-election effort will help us take our case to the voters and ensure victory,” it read. Guilfoyle, who reportedly first registered as a Republican in college and modeled for Macy's and Victoria's Secret while she was in law school, also spent four years in Los Angeles as a deputy district attorney and was named "Prosecutor of the Month." She moved back to San Francisco in 2000, when she joined the San Francisco District Attorney's Office.

“I got Lori Harvey on my wish list (that’s Lori)/That’s the only thing I want for Christmas,” he raps.

Meek later switched up those lyrics to: “I took Lori Harvey off my wish list/that’s what trigga Trey wanted for Christmas.” The hip-hop artist confirmed via Twitter that he changed the lyrics out of respect for Trey Songz, who had a high-profile romance with Harvey.

on stage as "#Donberly," a portmanteau of their names.

Liam Hemsworth is not dating Isabel Lucas, the ex-girlfriend of his brother Chris Hemsworth, following his split from Miley Cyrus. “She’s as low-key as you can get,” a supposed source tells the magazine.

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