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For years she tried to get him to notice her, but for the most part he refused to treat her as anything but a fellow spy and together they became, in the Chief's words, "the best working team I've got" [Episode #56: "Appointment in Sahara"].

This theory is also consistent with Max' 1968 statement that they have worked together for five years [Episode #79: "99 Loses CONTROL"].And then the older guys maybe need to hear it too, and be reminded of some things (I even caught myself at the part about "What car do you drive?Oh cool, well I drive this car, and let me springboard off you to talk about myself!I think the message was that there is no right answer.There's no shortcut to loving yourself, which after that ... I think there's a lot of young men who need to hear these stories and how their actions weren't healthy, regardless of how healthy they seem at the time.

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