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To get your juices wet, check out the hot videos of today's hottest pornstars.06/24/2019 I’m scared , I’ve been gay since I was 14 and I have yet to reveal it to anyone other than 2 of my closest friends .The white sheet which topped the bed was lying between them in a crumpled pile.

We spent many nights together as adolescents, junior high, sleeping over at each other’s houses.

They were into barbie movies A LOT yet, I was so into Mr. Their toys were like barbie dolls or just dolls, I loved remote control cars.

(I broke their barbie dolls by tearing them arms and legs apart from the body.) I was so innocent then.

I am living in the Philippines at the moment and the people here are like homophobic. I am afraid no one will believe me that I am bi because they will only think that I'm just tryna be cool. And well I guess my parents are kinda if lgbtphobes , I donno really, I’m perfectly fine with it but my parents not so much.

Some even thinks it's disgusting to like the same gender. Wich is absurd cuz my aunt came out as bisexual and they didn’t say anything, but whatever.

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