G dragon and seungri dating

Seungri was the last member to be picked to join the tremendous Bang.This fantastic dance skills is what makes it current in YG.

Seungri being the (the youngest) in the group, has left by his group mates to do their mandatory military service. In this article, Channel Korea will summarize all the recent news involving Seungri, but first, let get to know Seungri a bit better!

They kissed when suddenly they looked straight into the eyes.

- If he had not become a singer, he would have wanted to be a kindergarten teacher.

Seungri first realized that Seungri wants to be a singer when Seungri was young, and watching Britney Spears and N Sync joint concert on TV. Dress size M Seungri passe to sleep diagonally to avoid G-Dragon because Seungri is always holding him. Seungri conception it looked obedient when Seungri saw his skills improved. G-Dragon makes wearing leggings one time during Gag Concert Seungri did not like it when people say that Seungri has short legs.

G-Dragon would resolve as a friend if Seungri dating a girl.

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