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Any seasoned form designer knows that data validation is a big part of being able to design forms that people enjoy using.

Poor data validation on the other hand can send consumers running for the hills, because they either end up unable to enter the data they want to enter, or bottlenecked by error messages that they rarely understand.

Therefore, I spend some effort checking all my business apps for proper data validation.

Questions you may want to use to challenge the effectiveness of your own forms include: By running through these simple questions above, you'll be able to make a list of form enhancement targets.

In other cases, default values can error, rather than prevent it. Since it is possible that a female filling out the form will entirely miss the field (especially since no data validation error will probably occur since it's no longer a 'blank' answer), I bet that some females will be recorded as males (and I would attribute that fault primarily to the form designer).

Having spent many years designing business forms using technologies such as Adobe Acrobat, Info Path, Nintex, Claysys, and simple javascript, I recognize that there are things we must do to protect the format of data entries, as well as to facilitate form entry.

I did this by setting an On Change condition directly on the Text Input Control: Update Context() I choose to use the On Change property so that the value of the variable is not evaluated while they are typing (that would be annoying).

Lastly, I moved to the error message text label to set the condition on the "Visible" property like we did on the other one, but with this shorter formula (only a true statement is needed): Var Refund 5000, then show the message, otherwise it is not visible.

You can use this information to configure those error messages yourself when you are patching data rather than using auto-generated apps. EVALUATE ERRORS WHILE TYPING – In the animation above I demonstrate the user experience for evaluation of errors during typing.

This relies on a property within the error message itself, rather than on the Text Input Control (named: Text Input Refund) used to enter the data.

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