Firefox keeps updating

The browser developers generally avoid the use of the Flash plug-in because of the possibility of the sudden browser crash.

An outdated or old Flash plug-in version can as well freeze the functioning of the application.

This feature is made possible through a Windows service named Mozilla Maintenance Service that is located at %Program Files%\Mozilla Maintenance Service\

This service is not running all the time, but is started via command line arguments when a new Firefox update is available.

Chrome, on the other hand, is fine except for my usual issues involving my internet. To make a test you would have to remove Real Player to observe the behavior of Firefox without Real Player.

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It is also possible to disable silent updates by simply uninstalling the Mozilla Maintenance Service.

It usually provides updates for the security programs.

Moreover, it also helps to remove the errors associated with those software programs.

In that case, you might encounter a pop-up message stating: “Several technical instances can trigger the sudden breakdown of the Firefox application.

An obsolete version of the browser, faulty add-ons, malicious files, hardware faults, etc., could be some of the error factors.

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