Euro union dating scam dating night one stand

To claim their prize, recipients are instructed to reply, call or email via contact details included in the message.

The further this reporter engaged with the seller, the more convoluted the con became — and the more it revealed about the new lengths fraudsters are stretching as they try to convince people to part with their money. Canadian Forces Base Halifax is an actual military outpost.From Google Promo (GOOGLEPROMOASIA) 1 517-826-4723 Congratulation!Your mobile # won 1 MILLION USD in the GOOGLE PROMO.The scammers may subsequently use this information to steal their victim’s identity. Like other types of advance fee scam, they have been around for many years.Advance fee scammers use a variety of methods to reach potential victims, including email, surface mail, fax, social networking and, as in the versions discussed here, SMS.

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