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“Estella was adamant it was hers, but when Pressly told her to unlock it, she couldn’t.

So she took it, along with the handbag, peered inside and claimed a number of items in there belonged to her assistant.” Pressly approached a sheriff’s deputy who happened to be outside the venue with her story of an alleged theft, the eyewitness says, but no official action was taken.

So we have these two women converging in LA on Friday night.

Apparently Jaime and Estella were at a party together, when Estella told Jaime she liked her bag.

Estella Warren is a former model who didn’t quite make the transition to film.

She’s best known as the hot wide-eyed chick in the 2001 Planet of The Apes remake with Marky Mark.

Note to potential thieves: do not tell someone you like an object before you plan to swipe it from them. Here’s more: It was handbags at dawn, quite literally, Friday night when Jaime Pressly accused fellow actress Estella Warren of stealing her assistant’s purse, Radar has confirmed.

I’m picturing Joy Turner with pigtails, smacking her gum and pulling Estella’s hair while she cries for mercy.

The app will also tell you where your device is on a map, down to the address.

I have an i Pad 1 and 2, and an i Pod touch, I’m not rolling in them, but they get misplaced sometimes and it’s easy to send them a signal that will help you fish them out of the couch or from under the car seat.

Radar has reached out to Warren’s representative but has not had a response.

[From Radar Online] Maybe I’ve watched too much “My Name is Earl,” but I would not screw with Jaime Pressly! I don’t blame her for tracing the phone and getting all up in Estella’s face, I would have done the same thing.

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