Error incorrect data to updating code 306

Since HTTP/1.0 did not define any 1xx status codes, servers MUST NOT send a 1xx response to an HTTP/1.0 client except under experimental conditions.

A client MUST be prepared to accept one or more 1xx status responses prior to a regular response, even if the client does not expect a 100 (Continue) status message.

Reduce the Requests Per Minute (RPM) to resolve this error.

We recommend keeping your requests to 2000 RPM or lower for optimal performance.

The client SHOULD continue by sending the remainder of the request or, if the request has already been completed, ignore this response.

The server MUST send a final response after the request has been completed.

This status code SHOULD only be sent when the server has a reasonable expectation that the request will take significant time to complete.

error incorrect data to updating code 306-13error incorrect data to updating code 306-60

This class of status codes indicates the action requested by the client was received, understood, accepted and processed successfully. The actual response will depend on the request method used.Unexpected 1xx status responses MAY be ignored by a user agent.Proxies MUST forward 1xx responses, unless the connection between the proxy and its client has been closed, or unless the proxy itself requested the generation of the 1xx response.If you feel this limit should be revised for your integration, contact [email protected] your request.MINDBODY does not currently charge you for calls that result in a 429 error code response.

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