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Breaking her friend out of hospital, the duo return to Hannah's home to retrieve her passport.Confronted by Suzanne, Melissa collapses of a heart attack, brought on by lack of food and body abuse, and dies.Rhys's best friend, Gilly Roach, also becomes convinced that Hannah is taking drugs.Annoyed with Gilly's interference, Hannah threatens to falsely accuse him of sexually assaulting her if he does not keep his mouth shut.

Distraught by everything, Hannah binges on food and becomes sick.

Later, after noticing the carpet has been pulled up, Suzanne discovers the rotting remains of food Hannah had been hiding under the floor boards.

With her daughter's life on the line, Suzanne has Hannah sectioned under the Mental Health Act and healthcare workers arrive to take her to hospital.

Sarah tells Suzanne about Hannah's "drug use" and Suzanne confronts Hannah about Sarah's accusations.

Hannah denies using drugs and is furious with Sarah for meddling in her life.

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