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In cases where a substitute is a male (which happens fairly often), the substitutes inform their “identity bearer” about communications they are having with men.

PPL sites have systems of fines for agents who fail to notice sharing of direct contact details between users (which is prohibited, because users then can communicate off the site and it will not earn any money).

Ad text: “Marriage agency needs models to work on a website (Kharkiv).

Conditions of work and requirements for all models: free photo shoot makeup, you will receive photos immediately after the activation of the profile, female, age 23 to 45, attractive appearance. Active income: You work yourself from your profile (from 5 hours daily). Passive income: A translator works from your profile, and you are getting money for the gifts and meetings. If you know English well and wish to improve your knowledge, you can work on one of our profiles or bring your own model, without registering on the site in your own name.

They are as far removed from the regular dating sites as phone sex from a real intimate encounter.

PPL sites insist they are legitimate and do everything they can to ensure that the system is abuse-free, even though they do not deny splitting profits from each letter and chat with agents who recruited women. hiring of substitutes to communicate under the identity of women in photos), PPL sites designed a system where an administrator phones female members on mobile and asks who they communicate with, about what.

Advantages of working in our agency: – flexible work schedule, – no need for work experience, – we work with different websites, there is choice, what you prefer, – timely payments, – high % of profit, – constant assistance in work, – honesty and decency.

In fact, pay per letter (paid correspondence) structures have no right to call themselves “dating sites”.

A friend of our Ukrainian correspondent was offered an opportunity to get professional photos for her modelling portfolio.

She was told that she would get photos for free in exchange for her permission for the photographer to use the photos for his portfolio.

The contents of communication are self-explanatory. Letters from women that are overly sweet, young girls initiating contact with men 30-40 years older are not in the reality of dating. In recent months advertisements on job websites (agents openly publicize vacancies to hire substitutes for “dating chats”) feature more offers directed at females who are prepared to communicate from their own profiles, in exchange for a share of commissions, as opposed to seeking substitute writers.

The ads on Ukrainian job websites offer 50% commissions to women who are prepared to use their own photos in paid dating chats with foreign men.

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